vehicle storage solutions

smith overland builds cargo boxes to spend  more time behind the wheel and less time digging through the trunk.

Our story began in 2012 while preparing for an off roading trip.  There was no point bringing any gear if it couldn't be found quickly. Throwing everything into a big pile in the back of the truck was not going to cut it. Plastic storage containers were better but used the available space inefficiently and the aesthetics were, underwhelming. 

Thus ensued a search for a storage system that was functional, allowed quick and easy access to gear, used all available space to maximum efficiency and looked good enough to remain in the vehicle all the time. 

Finding none in the marketplace we built our own cargo box. Right from the start people who saw it asked about getting one. A few more were built, each better than the last. 

One thing lead to another and eventually all of that lead to Smith Overland.

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